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Hands Down by Dashboard Confessional

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Thursday October 23, 2025

[ mood | curious ]


I don't use this one anymore. All my entries are set to private, for nostalgic purposes.
I'm starting fresh with teganblue - 3 years has passed since I first made littlemisscdd and I saw my entries develop from friendship drama, to boy drama, and then back to a mix. Now I feel like all that high school drama has passed, and a more upbeat and happy year should be welcomed with a new journal.
Feel free to add me there. :)

Friends Only!

I've decided to make my journal Friends Only, from now on. I'll be updating a lot more from now on, and will most probably be adding icons etc too. So if you want me to friend you, friend me first, and then comment here. =)

If you're already friended, then my post's will be below this.


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